Double the number of US college students studying abroad? Generation Study Abroad

Generation Study Abroad That’s the new campaign from the IIE, the Institute of International Education.  The aim is to double the number of US college students going overseas. In ten years. Why?  The number of US students who went overseas in 2011-12 was 295,000. It’s pitiful. By comparison, China has 235,000 in the US, and...
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Education, learning, and teaching in Japan

Japanese Students in US Colleges Will Triple in the next Ten Years

I teach in Japan. Looking at the trends here, what is certain to happen, I have no doubt that the number of Japanese studying in international colleges will increase, by 300%, over the next ten years. The growth will come mainly in universities in English-speaking countries, in particular the United States. Why? Japan’s current...
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High school teaching

Why learn writing?

Why teach writing? Why make kids learn it? Writing is humankind’s most difficult form of communication. Simply by interpreting lines on a page, we learn facts, imagine experiences, and transmit messages. We can learn the thoughts of people thousands of years gone, from other cultures, and express thoughts that millions of people can read....
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Learning and teaching

Coursera and Four Reasons to Love it

Four reasons to love Coursera Do you love learning new things? It think that most teachers love to learn. If so, you should try Coursera. 1.  Coursera is great because you can take college courses that interest you in many subjects. They have cooking courses, psychology courses, literature courses, computer language courses, and many...
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International education

International Students in the US at a Record High, US Students Overseas Increase

More students from overseas are coming to the US to study, according to a new study that was released today by the Institute of International Education. The report also says that more US students are going overseas to study. The International student data is from 2012/13 while the US student data is 2011/12. The...
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