What is a good education?
That is a million-or shall we say billion-dollar question for every government in the world. Why?  How we educate our youth determines the future of our country more than any other factor.

Think about it.  A good education can triumph over almost any short-term problem.

Learning is something that you will always have. Money will come and go, as will arguments, love, and most of life’s problems. Your learning will not.  The bank can take your house away, credit card companies can blacklist you, but if you cannot pay back your student loan, no one is going to erase everything you learned in university from your brain.


What is a good education?  How do we give our kids good education?  Are we even getting close to doing that?  Volumes have been written about these questions, but sadly, most people think the answers are “Remembering lots of stuff,” “We have no idea,” and “no.”

They are correct about only the last question.