Four reasons to love Coursera

Do you love learning new things?

Elearning is Fun!

It think that most teachers love to learn.

If so, you should try Coursera.

1.  Coursera is great because you can take college courses that interest you in many subjects. They have cooking courses, psychology courses, literature courses, computer language courses, and many more. Most are aimed at those with little to no background in the subject.

2.  The courses are offered by professors from colleges around the world.  Some of the BEST schools!

3.  The Coursera courses range from well-planned courses that take advantage of the internet medium to videotaped lectures, with the majority being of the former type.

I have taken several ranging from social media to cooking. My two favorites so far are Child Nutrition and Cooking taught by Dr. Maya Adam of Stanford University and Social Psychology taught by Scott Plous of Wesleyan.

Both courses used the internet medium well. Lectures were short and focused on one or a few points, with lots of references to outside sources. Optional readings were also offered, which were usually fascinating. The courses were well-organized and easy to follow, yet challenging.

4.  Assignments were usually short, and most were graded and assessed by at least three of your co-students, a system that worked much better than I had expected. Each course also had an active community of students that had vigorous discussions on the course discussion boards.

All in all, both were very enjoyable and better than some real courses I’ve taken in college.

Both of my favorite courses were so popular that they are going to be offered again. Child Nutrition and Cooking will be offered again on January 14, 2014, and Social Psychology starts on July 14, 2014.

They are a lot of fun, so check them out.

For details, see the Coursera web page.