Google Drive–How to make a quiz

Five Simple Steps


Using Google Drive (formerly known as Google Docs), today, I am going to show you how to make a quiz.  First we will make a basic quiz.  Then, in my next post, I will show you how to set it up for grading, and finally, how to make a quiz that will grade itself.   (No kidding)
Before we start, I must say one thing.  I am a believer in complete answer type quizzes and tests, so I usually do not use this kind of quiz.  However, like any tool in a teacher’s toolbox, it has its uses in the right place and time.  I say this because I have found that teachers that rely too much on multiple-choice questions or simple questions can risk of losing the respect of their students.  Good questions require deep thought, which usually means an essay question or, at the least, something with more output.


Having said that, let’s get back to the topic.
1.  First, of course, you need to have a Google account.  If you do not, look at my previous post about getting started with Google Documents and why you should do so.  Assuming that you’ve done all of this, the place you need to start is on your main Google Doc page.  Click on “Create.”
2.  Next, you will see a list of the documents that you can make.  Someday, I’ll talk about these, but for today, we are going to choose “Form.”
The window will change and you’ll see your form.  You can make your quiz here by adding your questions.  You can make questions that are text (like short sentences or a few words), paragraph text, and multiple choice.  (There are other choices available, but these are for surveys or questionnaires. )
Let’s make a test with all of these three types of questions.  We will make it about something fun.  How about Harry Potter?  Everyone knows that fantasy series and many of your students are or were very much in to it.  Okay, here we go.
3.  First, before we make questions, let’s pick a theme.  Click on the second button from the left in the top.
This will take you to the themes page.  Here, choose a theme you like.  I will choose the “Books Classic” theme.  It is the second one down on the left-hand side.  It is not really Harry Potter style, but it has books, so well, it’s the closest we will get.  Click on it, then click the “Apply” button at the top.
4.  Next, on to making the questions.  First, let’s make a text question.  Choose “text” for the question type.
Something super easy.  What is Harry Potter’s enemy’s name?  Of course the answer you want is “Voldemort,” but you do not need to put the answer in.  We’ll do that later.
If you want to, you can add some help text.  If needed, something like, “Write one word, in English.”
Probably you want to make this a required question.  If so, click on where it says “required”.  That way, the test-taker cannot skip it to go on to the next one.
When you are finished, click “Done.”
After this, let’s add another question.  We will make it a paragraph this time.  I am going to ask “What is your favorite Harry Potter character and why?”
To help our students  I think that this time we should add some help text.  Since this is a paragraph  question, I think we should tell the students what we expect here, so I will add “Write a short paragraph of at least 50 words.”  Like last time, I will also check “required question.”  Click “Done.”
 paragrpah ques
We have two questions, so let’s add one more.  This time, it will be multiple choice.  Go to the top left and click the “Add Item” button.  This time choose “Multiple Choice.”  I am going to ask “What was Harry Potter’s mother’s name?”  Then, I put some choices in the boxes below that and click “Done.”
multiple ch
That is all there is to making the quiz. You can add more questions if you want, but let’s go on to see how to take it and how to see the answers.
5.  To take the test, you will see a link at the bottom of the page.  You can paste this link into a web page or give it to people you want to take the quiz, so that is the last step.
view form pic
You can also email the link to people.  If you want to e-mail it from Google, go to the top right part of the window and click “email this form.”
Finally . . ..
Before we move on to looking at the answers, let’s put in some sample answers.  This is for you to check that the quiz will work.  You will also need these later to mark the answers.  See my post about making self-graded quizzes.
Then, open the quiz and put in the correct answers.  Don’t worry about the paragraph one for now, just add something.

After you have done that, go back to the main page of your Google documents.  You will see a new spreadsheet there, that has the same title as your quiz.  Click on that.  There, you can see your answers.  Take a look at them.
Next time, I will show you how you can grade the answers on the spreadsheet without a lot of number-crunching.  Anyway, give it a try.

Good luck with Google Doc Quizzes!  Take some time and play around with it.

There are lots of possible other uses, such as for surveys, online sign ups for events, customer information and so on.  It is a very useful tool.