Let's study English! 頑張ろう!
Let’s study English!

Kids in Japan are going to start learning English earlier.

In another dramatic move, (with the same goal as changing the Center Test) the government announced today that kids will start learning basic English, earlier than the fifth grade, which had been the previous plan.  They will start in the third grade.

This is similar, it is said, to what is done in Korea, China, and so on.

According to The Japan Times, and other news sources, this is almost certain to be approved by the government.

 In higher grades, such as fifth and sixth grade, English will be an official subject with approved textbooks and so on.  globe_best

When will all this start?  Not soon.


Only six years from now.  In 2020.


So, this post is for those of you who are now two or three years old.  Good for you!  You’ll grow up probably having a good chance to speak and use English in preparation for today’s global world.