Fitz Crittle
Fitz Crittle

Passion, enthusiasm, motivation, is everything. Passion is essential in any job, any part of life, and it is vital in education.

Think. We’ve all had boring teachers, and I hope we’ve had some that are exciting.

What is the difference? Passion of course, but where do we get it?

You need to get excited about your work, and excitement comes from enjoyment, and fun.

Make it fun.

Whether we’re talking about teaching, driving a taxi, or flipping burgers, your attitude towards it is your choice.  You can choose to be negative–these kids aren’t learning and they’ll never pass the test ….. or be positive and inspire them to do so!

The secret?  Enjoy yourself.  Find fun parts of your job. Are they telling stories to the students to show them how history repeats itself? Are they entertaining the passengers in your cab with silly stories? Are they dancing as you flip those beef patties?

Find the fun!

Remember that your attitude is your

As Victor Frankl once said, “The last of our human freedoms is to choose our attitude in any circumstances.”

And even better:

The average person wants to wait for someone else to motivate him. He perceives that his circumstances are responsible for the way he thinks. But what comes first–the attitude of the circumstances? That’s really the chicken-or-the-egg kind of question. The truth is it doesn’t matter which came first.  No matter what happened to you yesterday, your attitude is your choice today.  

John C. Maxwell, Qualities of a Leader


Find your passion. Motivate yourself.