Double the number of US college students studying abroad? Generation Study Abroad

Generation Study Abroad That's the new campaign from the IIE, the Institute of International Education.  The aim is to double the number of US college students going overseas. In ten years. Why?  The number of US students who went overseas in 2011-12 was 295,000. It's pitiful. By comparison, China has 235,000 in the US, and that…
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International Students and Two Year Colleges

Two year colleges and international education Lately, many international students are choosing to study at two-year colleges, or community colleges.  I noticed this a few years ago when some of the Japanese students I taught began looking for colleges to attend.  Why? Cost.  The cost of college is not cheap, and international students end up…
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Education, learning, and teaching in Japan

Japanese college students don’t want to study overseas.

Fewer Japanese students are studying abroad than just 8 years ago, and the number has been slowly declining. According to Tokyo Times, The number of Japanese students studying overseas peaked at 82,945 in 2004 and fell to 58,060 in 2010, according to the Ministry of Education. Fewer than 20,000 Japanese students studied in the United…
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